The Windows Jitterscope application is a single executable program that does not require any DLLs or other additional Microsoft files to operate, so does not require an installer. The file can be placed in any folder or directory, including the desktop, a USB memory stick or a network drive.

The JitterScope is an add-on feature to the P568 MPIM. The P568 hardware accurately times the rising edge of every single pulse on input channels 1 and 2. This information can be either streamed continuously (assuming the PC and network speeds allow) or it can be sampled in sections for slower machines. A portable USB powered acquisition unit will be available in 2023.

When used to analyse problems with meter proving, the Jitterscope will quickly identify problems, and it can be used to determine if a meter can be proved, without the need for a Prover.

When running in Stream-TCP mode, as well as displaying the streamed data, the Jitterscope also acts as a data logger as the inter-pulse timing information is also saved to the PC storage in a CSV format for further analysis using a spreadsheet or other tools.

In addition to being able to display the inter-pulse information on a time or frequency basis, the Jitterscope can also display a histogram, which is very powerful for analyzing pulse streams that have been modulated or subjected to noise and interference.