NÅNO Flow Computer

Hardware Overview

Field I/O

  • Every field I/O point individually Galvanically Isolated
  • The field RS485 communications port is opto-isolated
  • Six individually isolated high accuracy Analog Inputs selectable for 4-20mA or 1-5V mode
  • Two Analog Inputs can be set to 4-wire RTD mode
  • Two individually isolated Analog Outputs (high resolution DACs)
  • Four individually isolated Meter Pulse Inputs, can be used individually, for dual-pulse or as densitometer inputs
  • Nine individually isolated Digital Inputs with fleeting detection
  • Eight individually isolated Digital Outputs
  • Two of the Digital Outputs can be used as Pulse Outputs or PWM outputs


  • Four Serial ports
  • Two Ethernet ports supporting 10/100MHz half & full duplex
  • Wide range DC input voltage, 5 watt maximum
  • High vibration tolerance due to robust mechanical design
  • Optional integral display

Software Overview


  • State-machine architecture based on a 500ms application cycle time
  • Report storage
    • 6 zones, each with 1500 report slots
    • 10 zones, each with 250 report slots
  • Flexible report routing to send reports to printer(s), FTP and/or SD card
  • Alarm log storage
    • Set, Clear & Accept logged separately
    • 1500 log entries
  • Event log storage
    • System (1500 log entries)
    • Operator (2500 log entries)
    • Metrology (1500 log entries)
    • Security (1500 log entries)
    • Application (1500 log entries)
  • ALV (Additional Log Values)
    • Each Alarm or Event entry can also contain a snapshot of up-to 13 data-points
    • Useful for diagnostics, debugging or forensic analysis
  • Data Logging facility (aka “Historicals”)
    • Each data record supports up to 13 data-points
    • 3 “non-volatile” storage zones with 20,000 record slots
    • 1 further “volatile” zone with 86,400 record slots allowing logging every ½ second for 24 hours
    • Data can be downloaded as a TSV file
  • Support for three printers:
    • Printer #1 : Serial (CP437) or Networked
    • Printer #2 : Networked only
    • Printer #3 : Networked only

Integrated Web Server

  • View and download Reports, Alarms & Events using Calendar View
  • View and download “historicals” data
  • Configure Date & Time manually or via NTP
  • Support for Time Zones
  • Support for Daylight Saving Time
  • Local Panel mimic for remote support
  • Browse contents of local SD card
  • Configure Printer settings
  • Configure Network settings

NÅNO Applications

  • Liquid Flow Computer in Metric and US customary units for crude, refined and lubricating oils as well as LPG and NGL service
  • Small volume, unidirectional and bi-directional provers
  • Coriolis Master Meter prover for mass to mass and mass to inferred mass with enhanced Reynolds number correction
  • Differential Pressure Gas Flow Computer for Orifice, Venturi and Cone meters
  • Gas Turbine Flow Computer also supports all volumetric proportional pulse meters
  • LACT controllers with integrated driver interface for LACT and ACT applications. Produced water also handled
  • Hydrostatic tank gauging and loading application
  • Sampler system validation package
  • Marine off-loading
  • Netoil Flow Computer


  • MID certified by both NMI and NMRO
  • OIML R117 Certified
  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
  • EU 2015/863 RoHS-3 directive
  • ISO9001 and AS9100 approved electronics manufacturers
  • Conflict Minerals compliant with RMI2020 and EU ‘Conflict Minerals’ Regulation (2017/821)

Web Server Screenshots