NANO Software Tools

There is a comprehensive raft of software tools to accompany the NANO Flow Computer, which includes:


NÅNOconf is the NÅNO application deployment tool, offering the following facilities:

  • Applications can loaded to one or many NÅNO Flow Computers simultaneously
  • Supports ZeroConf network configuration which eliminates the hassle of IP address assignment
  • Back-up the application and application configuration settings, for easy cloning and replacement
  • Update the base firmware, I/O (Gate Array) firmware and kernel
  • License free

XML Tester

  • XML data exchange demonstration
  • License free


  • Off-line configuration tool for NÅNO applications
  • It can be used with application files generated by Visual C||Cure® or retrieved from a NÅNO using the backup feature of NÅNOConf

Local Pane Emulator

  • Allows a PC to be used as a Virtual Local Panel
  • Ideal for both training and support purposes
  • Fully emulates the ICOP based local panel.
  • Requires a serial port on the PC or a USB to Serial port dongle

Modbus Master Simulator

  • General purpose Modbus Master Simulator
  • Modbus TCP and Modbus Serial supported
  • Poll sequence engine and configuration files, so that all registers can be named for ease of use
  • Specific configuration files are available for the various NÅNO apps, as well as the P568 MPIM, the NÅNO RMU and the Pico RMU

NANO Log Viewer

  • Enables access to the NÅNO real-time debugging logs
  • Communicates via TCP/IP
  • Log files can be downloaded and viewed to aid debug and development